• Since 2011,the production activities continue in our brand new facility, which is one of the World’s biggest manufacturing plants of firearms with its 36.400 square meters indoor area and extends over 50.000 square meters outdoor. The machinery park equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machinery technology, incorporate high-end softwares for production to prevent any man-made defects. New equipment is being added continually.
  • Being performed by multi-axial machinery, the production process can simultaneously be finished within one single context to ensure flawless production and reduce equipment needs.
  • Robotic arms are used as well to attain a maximum speed for material transfers between machines.  Machines with multi axes enable simultaneous processing of more than one items and increase production quantity and capability.
  • Sarsılmaz has two cold forging machines, that has the capability to produce light arms barrels of any diameters and lengths up to1000 mm length.
  • The innovative barrel production method, buttom rifling, is started to be used in 2016.
  • SARSILMAZ R&D Center is formed by experienced and creative engineers and technicians. Here the needs of the market are surveyed and 3-D genuine design, simulation,  prototype production, testing and preparations for manufacturing are maintained accordingly.
  • Thus Sarsılmaz has lots of national and international patents and utility models.
  • One of the most important project of Sarsılmaz R&D Center, SAR 223, is developed for designing a genuine design assault rifle in association with reputable universities and  TÜBİTAK (Scientific and technological research council of Turkey). The final product is approved as light, efficient and strongly competitive at international market.
  • With all these features, Sarsılmaz became a brand that identify quality in the small arms industry. The international quality certificates is a manifestation of Sasılmaz products’ quality.
    • AS9100C:2009 quality management standard for the aviation, space, and defense industries
    • ISO 9001:2000 (Niszert),
    • MoD ( Ministry of Defence) Production Permit,
    • MoD Installatıon Security Permit,
    • MoD Production Line Qualification Certificate,
    • TSE Turkish Standarts Institution Customer Service Qualification Certificate,