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Sar 9 METE X PlatinumPolymer Framed Pistols

Manufactured by Sarsılmaz completely with domestic design and engineering, SAR 9 METE is the product of a projects which is realized with the philosophy of “manufacturing the best of pistols”. SAR 9 METE with new generation lightweight polymer frame stands out as it weighs only 750 grams.

The pistol with forged alloy steel barrel and slide offers three sizes of changeable side plate and back straps. Equipped with optical fixed rear sight, SAR 9 METE enables a safe use with trigger safety and firing pin block along with safety catch. Offering a safe shooting experience thanks to its 3-dot, windage adjustable sights, trigger safety and firing pin block, the SAR 9 METE also enables the use of accessories with its special rail system on its frame.


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